Altus Komorebi Album Review

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Altus Komorebi Album Review

Larry Neal Gowdy Lessons Learned in Life

(© Altus) Altus Komorebi Album

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright©2018, March 26, 2018

Komorebi — ambient music, mellow, soft, comfortable, presented within a well-enveloped range of octaves and tones that do not distract from the other, each held within harmonious ratios that permit slight heightenings of emotions that remain grounded within the core flows, the rises and ebbings of ratios often carefully pause before reaching apexes, which heightens interest, and enables a sense of beauty.

I discovered Altus several months ago while searching for suitable background music to be used for while writing on my hobby books. The hobby books currently use over 200 different music titles, and I sometimes invest about as much time searching for music as I spend writing the words (I may have to begin creating my own music for future books). Different types of music are suitable for many different uses, but when an expressed emotion is already present, and when there is a wish for music to accompany the emotion, then it is likely found that the wished-for music is of a similar flow as the present emotion — a similar tone of what is felt within the heart — and it is also found that the music then becomes the rhythm and toning of the evolving emotion itself.

For me, Komorebi is very good for permitting one's own thoughts and heart to feel and to express themselves within quiet depths, especially the first song, Cerulean Skies. The underlying tones, of lowered octaves, carrying memories of emotioned histories from the left, accompanied by the light variances of the present moment's events, influenced by the future from the right, observed from the center, watching how the present becomes its own future, of creating one's self in one's own image, to me, the story of life has meaning, and hope.

For myself, I remember tones and rhythms more deeply than what I remember things seen; I interpret the tones to be as emotioned states, and when I again hear the sounds in future days, my heart recalls and re-experiences the emotions of the events that were occurring when first hearing the sounds. The song of Cerulean Skies, for me, it is the chorus of one; it carries the heart within where there is no beginning, and no end.

It is not easy to write a review about music, because everyone has different emotions and different tastes of the moment, and everyone has different preferences of which style of music that they wish to listen to, but of the many hundreds of similar songs that I have listened to in recent years, of my hoping to find a mindful song that can carry multiple timelines of the heart simultaneously, the Komorebi album is the one that I was looking for.

For me, it is uncommon to find music that is mindful, and so, to me, Komorebi is very special, and very much appreciated.

You can listen to Komorebi at Altus Komorebi on BandCamp. Altus has numerous excellent albums on their home page at Altus Music, as well as on the Altus Music Albums on BandCamp page.

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