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Logic is the act of comparing information.

Only information that agrees with Natural laws is valid.

Correct logic is Nature-based.

The Logics is an introduction to Nature-based logic.

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History - Philosophy - Physics - Psychology - Theology

Desire - The Method - The Logics

The Logics' Classical Philosophy of Quality - The how and why, the reasoning behind The Logics, an old method of creating something new.


Dialogues of Nodin and William

Platonic Dialogues - Natural Philosophy

The Dialogues of Nodin and William are fictional dialogues written in a Platonic style. The purpose of the pages is to present concepts of Nature-based logic, a natural philosophy, in a style of conversation that the general public might find entertaining and educational. Since the dialogues rely on and build upon information presented in previous dialogues, it is recommended that each dialogue be read in sequence beginning with Natural Laws.

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