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Pathological Science #9 March for Science Hate Signs

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Pathological Science #9 March for Science Hate Signs

Copyright©2017 by Larry Neal Gowdy, September 09, 2017

March for Science sign The OCEANS are rising! SO ARE WE

March for Science sign: The OCEANS are rising! SO ARE WE

This is not good. Science is supposed to be about learning, of discovering how things work, and science is not supposed to be a violent hate group.

No, any courtesy that might have been extended to the March for Science protesters completely disappeared when they became political and violent.



If the sign implied 'resist Trump's socialist green jobs, there is an alternative to socialism' then I fully agree. If the sign implied 'resist Trump, we want green jobs now, we want a socialist alternative to Trump's agenda', then I do not agree. Few of the March for Science signs were coherent, and since most of the March for Science protesters were wanting socialist hand-outs for their science, then there is a good chance that the sign may have been pro-socialist.

Socialism is another term for communism and totalitarianism where the state holds all power and all value while the humans are mere slaves to the state. I myself have never known of a socialist movement that did not turn violent with people being hated on and murdered by the socialists.

I would expect green jobs to be populated by Sturmabteilung 'brown shirts' who would be given the legal authority to hurt people for the state. Similar to the Milgram experiment where 65-80% of the participants would murder another person if told to do so by an authority, it is also common human nature that around 80% of the people who are given 'authoritative' government jobs will believe and behave that it is their right and duty to hate on and to be violent towards other people.

The sign hated on Trump personally, and the protesters were hatefully demanding socialist welfare. Regardless of how the sign might be interpreted, the underlying nature is still hate.

March for Science sign RISE UP WOMAN. NO MUD NO LOTUS

March for Science sign: RISE UP WOMAN. NO MUD NO LOTUS

I assume that 'mud' may refer to a facial treatment, and 'lotus' may refer to yoga exercises (I suspect the 'lotus' word did not refer to peaceful mindfulness, because peacefulness and mindfulness are unknowns to violent people). If so, then do the sign's words imply that women ought to not care about themselves, but rather to join-in with the marchers' violence?

Most commonly, the individuals who shout similar words are ugly radicalized left-wing socialist females that no quantity of facials and exercise can cure. Intelligent humans most treasure an individual's inward beauty of quality attributes, but the sign carrier apparently had none, inside nor outside.

A quality woman of intelligence and inner value would never be so dull of mind to let a sign like that convince her to join a hate group like the March for Science.

March for Science sign RESIST

March for Science sign: RESIST

Resist what? The sign serves no usefulness, and since the one word can be interpreted anyway anyone wants, it would become an excuse for violent individuals to feel free to commit violence for whatever reason the individuals want.

The sign is very anti-science, and aggressively violent.

March for Science sign DEFIANCE FOR SCIENCE

March for Science sign: DEFIANCE FOR SCIENCE

Defiance of what? Similar to the RESIST sign, DEFIANCE FOR SCIENCE serves no purpose other than to instigate hate and violence on any and all potential victims.



I shrugged my shoulders too; no idea what danced around in the protester's head while he was writing the sign.

To me it appeared that, possibly, the Sciencian's three inner voices may have combined [1] the word science as implying the holy all-knowing master authority, with [2] truth implying that everyone should jump to their knees and worship the words as true truth handed down from the master god, and [3] power was used for the protester's unconsciously-driven animalistic urge and excuse to hate on people and to be violent.

When holy-rollers like that show up, it is time to quickly step back and distance one's self from the dangerous nut.


Protest marches appear to have grown increasingly more common in recent years, possibly because — in part — of the Internet and social media enabling the nuts to more quickly communicate with other nuts. Also increasingly common is for the protests to become violent, and if the March for Science people continue to protest, then violence is expected. Already the March for Science people have expressed hate and committed vandalism and psychological terrorism; the next step will be physical violence.

Sciencians really do not have enough intelligence to stop themselves from being violent. As the Sciencians' Science claims for itself, their emotions arise unconsciously, and the individuals have no conscious control over their emotions, partly because, as they also claim for themselves, they are unconscious 90%-95% of the time.

There is no reasoning with Sciencians because they cannot reason, but the moment's topic is of pathological science, and the pathology is witnessed within the words that the March for Science protesters wrote on their signs.

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