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A list of the best known websites.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright©2010-2017 - Updated May 01, 2017

I have long thought about creating a 'best of the web' page that praises websites that I myself believe to be of top value, but since I do not surf the Internet much, and thus I have not yet had the opportunity to find many excellent websites, my current list of 'best of' is rather short. The following websites have been judged on the quality of content, stability, and usefulness.

SomaFM online radio is quite good and ad-free. I like listening to the Drone Zone while writing and coding, and especially when working with fresh Linux installations that have no music files but have the Amarok player to stream online radio. SomaFM currently has 33 stations to select from, with each playing excellent music that you may never hear anywhere else online. Please visit SomaFM and see for yourself.

Snatam Kaur; click, listen. Each era and culture has a treasure; Snatam Kaur is one.

Project Gutenberg is surely one of the world's most prized collections of classic literature, and it is all free online.

Museum Syndicate is a recent discovery to me, and I have been busy browsing the website's vast selection of fine art. Beware of the jigsaw puzzle game, however; it can be a bit addictive.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an excellent source for fine art and classical music. If someday I were able to travel the world, and I had the opportunity to choose only one place, I believe that I would likely choose to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Web Museum, Paris was my original source for fine art graphics used on this website. Aside from the artwork, there are useful comments about the artists.

Jesus Out of the Box (by Rev. Dr. George Byron Koch from Issue #181, June 2006 of Noesis - The Journal of the Mega Society). Of the uncounted thousands of comments that I have read in the various philosophy and high IQ societies, Koch's short article stands alone in my mind as the single most memorable and useful of all. Do please invest a few minutes of your time to read the article. (The behavior of the universe is analogous to what Koch wrote, and the behavior ought to be obvious to everyone, especially those who believe of themselves to be scientific and/or philosophical, and it is an embarrassment upon humanity that humans continue missing the most simple of observations.)

(Update April 14, 2018: dead link, previously (Note: the video itself is not the important item, but rather what is found within the video.) Perhaps the most intelligent stance attainable in any discussion is as what Dr. Matthew Rainbow (professor of biochemisty and molecular biology at Antelope Valley College) said during a debate: "...What are the three most important words to use in the English language? Answer; "I love you." OK? Now what are the second most important three words to use in the English language? "I don't know."" (The Great Debate Creation vs. Evolution video 2:31:00+-) Little better validates an individual's level of academic accomplishment and intellectual acumen than to hold Dr. Rainbow's thoughts as one's own standards of life.

Learning Meditation has been a favored site for some years, but perhaps the item most noticed is the gentle voice, a voice that is welcomed in a led meditation, the very best voice that I have found on the Internet. A favored episode is Intuition.

Brian Crain is a pianist who is another recent discovery to me. Crain's music is gentle, emotionally stirring, and very much alive. Perhaps if a person enjoys Yanni, then the individual might find Crain's work to be even more preferred. Andante Affettuosso is the cut that I first heard, and it would not let me go. While working on a new web page of mine, I have listened to the "Piano and Cello Duet" album over a dozen times in less than one week; the music and web design are hypnotic. You will likely never see the web page since it is of a high-end design for private display only, but you can listen to portions of Brian Crain's excellent music online. Please visit his website; I believe you will be pleased.