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Grandmaster forces a draw

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Background information about The Logics website.

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright©2007-2018 Updated June 03, 2018

Update June 03, 2018

The 中庸 (Zhong Yong) series of articles have been placed within a section of their own on the home page. As time permits, I will rework the pages and place them on a different website where I can keep the articles a distance from western influences. I already have the new site's layouts and graphics coded, but it will take time to write the content.

About the Website:

The Logics is a hobby-creation by Larry Neal Gowdy (me). The website is not directly affiliated with nor does it support any ideology or social organization.

My occupation is web design. The Logics website design began in 2007 as an experiment to toy with and to observe the effects of combining the influences of quality classical music with quality art within an atmosphere of classical western philosophy while also determining layouts suitable for different browsers and search engines. As the site evolved and achieved its original purposes, the emphasis changed to primarily only be for researching search engine rankings while also being a means of my enjoying the relaxation of developing and writing articles about topics that I have personally researched.

I enjoy writing about Nature because Nature's laws are real relative to this Reality, and the laws do not change. Nature remains honest, and I can trust Nature to always remain true to itself. Opinions change, man's laws change, and man's beliefs change, but Nature remains true to itself. To me it is fun to observe Nature, and to enjoy how Nature's laws are expressed within life. To me, a Nature-based interpretation of life and logic is the only sensible choice.

As of February 26, 2018, and after over two months of my debating the future of this website, I have decided to keep it active, but to downgrade all topics of western philosophies and sciences into the archives. I have no interest in the topics, and I would prefer to never again think of the topics, but the pages do have usefulness for other purposes, and so I will leave them as-is for now.

Due to a renewed rash of 'over-engineered' browsers being incompatible with web standards, I have chosen to simply create coding for new pages that works well enough for as many devices as is reasonable, and for me to not be concerned of how the backgrounds and text might be displayed on miniature devices. The present era is suffering from a rapidly growing problem of 'over-engineered' hardware, 'over-engineered' operating systems, and 'over-engineered' software being incompatible with the other, and so I have returned to focusing on website layouts that best work for desktop monitors and laptops, while giving little or no attention to miniature devices.

About the Website Topics:

The information presented on The Logics website is drawn from my own personal base of firsthand knowledge. The topics span a small portion of what I feel to be useful information. The Dialogues of Nodin and William are a means of expressing a concept within a fictitious story that includes sequencings of Nature-based logic. The non-fiction articles reflect how some of the concepts within The Dialogues of Nodin and William apply to real-world life.

Please recognize that the articles are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be comprehensive: for several important reasons I knowingly and purposefully omit the most important information from all topics. Little is as destructive to one's mind than to memorize another man's words and to then believe one's self to be learned: I will not harm anyone by saying what should not be spoken.

Too, the topics that I publicly write about are not popular topics. It is far easier and quicker to research SEO techniques by using topics that few individuals care about, and to then apply the proven techniques to topics that my customers do care about. The Logics website has been an invaluable asset for watching how search engines rank specific designs, as well as determining which topics tend to attract specific types of individuals who use specific types of viewing devices.

About the Website Design:

This site currently makes use of the Goudy Old Style, Segoe UI, Calibre, and Carlito fonts. If your computer or mobile device does not have the fonts installed, then you will either see Times New Roman, Arial, or whichever default serif and sans-serif fonts that your device is capable of displaying.

The Asian texts are currently coded for the MingLiU font, which appears to offer the best reproduction. Most all Windows® users ought to see the non-English characters displayed correctly (or at least well enough). Linux® users may have to install additional fonts. I created the page How to Install Chinese Fonts in Arch Linux as a quick guide for individuals who might find the information useful.

For several important reasons I primarily only design pages to be viewed on desktop monitors and laptop screens (unless a customer asks that their site be aimed for mobile users). Browsers are available for users of miniature hand-held devices that offer a reader mode, which may help for the viewing of this site's articles.

I do not use tracking scripts, cookies, analytics, nor any other form of spyware on my pages. For security purposes I also do not use downloaded fonts. My websites are among the few remaining sites on the Internet that are safe to visit.

About the Graphics:

Unless otherwise noted, all art graphics are now public domain. The exceptions are primarily those of Banks' "Hanna," my cheesy solar energy photos and graphics, the chess graphic, The Logics gif, and the various small graphics on the IQ Questions page. The page layout will display some of the graphics larger than their native sizes, resulting in some of the graphics appearing a little fuzzy if you have a very large monitor. Some of the graphics might look best on a 1900 pixel wide monitor if you reduce the width of your browser. I would prefer to increase the width of the graphics themselves, but the larger sizes would greatly increase the kilobyte size of each page, which would not be fun for users with slow Internet access.

How to Contact:

Due to numerous reasons — including the growing global problems — I do not respond to nor read emails that do not include the sender's real and verifiable name. I can be contacted at The email address will be changed periodically to help lessen the quantity of junk mail. I generally only check personal email about once a week, so please be patient if I do not respond quickly. I do not collect, sell, rent, send junk mail, nor in any way make use of a person's email except for my replying: private emails remain private, and I delete all emails that do not have an important reason to be kept.

About Copyrights:

All photographs, graphics, and text used throughout this website are either my own original copyrighted creations or the copyrighted creations of other's, plus numerous public domain photographs. I retain all legal rights to all personally created content and use. Permission is given to copy/quote brief portions (USA fair use standards) of The Logics web pages for non-profit use (e.g. in a personal blog, personal forum, or for school use, but never for commercial or financial gain) if the quote is accompanied with my name and the URL address that the quote was taken from. Use Intelligently - Don't Abuse Ignorantly. If you want to use a public domain photograph (those marked (PD)) on your website, then simply right-click on the photograph, save it to your hard drive, and then upload the photograph to your website's server. Linking the photograph from consumes my paid bandwidth, and it slows server access for all visitors to this site as well as to all other sites sharing the same server. Please think of all Internet users before linking a graphic. Thank you.