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©Allan R Banks Hanna

©Allan R Banks - "Hanna"

As a gentle word stirs a lonely heart,

as does harmony sustain a quality bond,

so do the artists' works touch the soul,

as does the art

Larry Neal Gowdy

Copyright©2012 - June 15, 2012, updated October 18, 2013

Though I would truly enjoy placing modern works of art on the pages of The Logics, there remains the respect and honor given to each artist that their property not become abused, that is, not given away into the public domain. The artists worked long and hard to hone their talents, and with the years invested into each and every work of art, so do the artists' very lives reside within their creations.

A recent discovery of mine, of Allan R Banks, has been a delight, his work is quite excellent, reminiscent to me of Waterhouse, although with a quality of its own that to me is of a greater depth, one that pulls me, keeping my attention, not merely as an observer, but as participating in the paintings' character, the shadows and choices of color balances blending well with my own personal preferences, and I am very impressed.

Upon my enquiring of what rights there might be of presenting one of Allan Banks' paintings on The Logics, I was graciously given permission, and it quickly became as a necessary enjoyment to create a new page with a sample of Banks' work.

I have been told that the Hanna painting has been sold to a collector outside of the USA, and if I am not mistaken, I might be feeling a twinge of envy, an awkward sensation that I have not felt in decades. Hanna is not a painting to be placed within a dwelling, but rather one to have a dwelling built around the painting.

Within my life I have had the opportunity to experience numerous different styles of preferences, preferences that I silently described to myself in how the externally observed things were judged by my present inward preferences, and within the observing and comparing I was able to become aware of that which I interpret as beautiful, as well as for me to then reason what manner of preferences the artists might have had to produce their art. Now, today, I am pleased that I have experienced enough variances of preferences that I have become aware of, appreciative of, and sympathetic to many different styles that a performer might choose for themselves, and now if an art is not in harmony with my current preferences, still I am able to remain within an appreciation for a thing that is of a beauty to another person even if not presently beautiful to me personally, and I am pleased that the effect has given me not a tolerance but rather an understanding that each individual's interpretation of beauty is theirs alone, and it is proper that we feel happiness for the individuals' perception of beauty even if the beauty is not perceived ourselves.

To me the Hanna painting is beautiful, one that draws me as do the Rembrandt paintings, and as a piano and cello speak of a harmony that is comforting to my heart, so much more does Hanna stir the heart. The artists' creations color our lives through music and paintings, giving us beauties that we would have never experienced otherwise, and we owe the artists a deep appreciation.

Allan R Banks